This page lists a few 'recipes' that will teach you in a few steps how to do common tasks.


Want to get started quickly with the Corgi Engine? This page contains simple steps you can follow for a number of basic situations, no explanations, just quick steps. Don’t hesitate to check the rest of the documentation to learn more about how the engine works! Note that most of these will provide Corgi Engine / Unity versions, that’s just to provide the context they were first written in. But it’s safe to assume that they should work on any higher versions of both Unity and Corgi Engine.

Using the new input system in other scenes :

  • fresh install of Unity 2019.4.19f1
  • import Corgi Engine v6.7
  • install Input System v1.0.2
  • open the MinimalLevel_InputSystem demo scene
  • copy the UICamera_InputSystem node
  • open the Lava demo scene
  • paste your node in the hierarchy panel
  • remove the UICamera node
  • press play, you’re now using the new input system

Creating a ladder

  • in Unity 2019.4.24f1, create a new project
  • import Corgi Engine v6.7
  • open the MinimalLevel demo scene
  • create a new empty game object, call it “TestLadder”
  • add a sprite renderer to it, in its sprite slot select blocks_25
  • add a box collider 2D to it, set it to trigger, change its size to 0.3, 5
  • change the object’s layer to Ladders
  • add a Ladder script to it
  • press play, you’ve got a ladder
  • you can go further by adding a ladder platform to it, you can see how it’s done in the Minimal’s Ladder prefab

Creating a jumper moving platform

  • in a fresh install of Unity 2019.4.18f1, import Corgi Engine v6.7
  • open the FeaturesPlatforms demo scene
  • drag a MovingPlatform prefab in the scene, at -72,-2,0
  • create an empty game object, nest it under it, call it Jumper
  • add a jumper script to it, set its JumpPlatformBoost to 5
  • add a BoxCollider2D, set it to trigger, and its size to 5,1
  • press play, enjoy

Adding a repositionable mobile joystick in place of the regular one

  • create a new project in Unity 2019.4.26f1
  • import Corgi Engine v7.0
  • open the demo located at CorgiEngine/ThirdParty/MoreMountains/MMTools/Tools/MMControls/Demo, select its JoystickRepositionable node, copy it
  • open the MinimalLevel demo scene
  • open its UICamera prefab
  • paste the repositionable joystick under Canvas and next to the existing Joystick node
  • position it at 400,-1000
  • disable it
  • in its MMTouchRepositionableJoystick’s inspector, drag the UICamera node into its JoystickValue slot. Select the InputManager.SetMovement method (the one at the top, under DynamicVector2, NOT the static one)
  • drag the UICamera into its TargetCamera slot
  • select the UICamera’s top level, and drag the JoystickRepositionable node into the GUIManager’s inspector’s Joystick slot
  • save your prefab, exit prefab mode
  • select your UICamera, and on the InputManager inspector, set ForcedMode to Mobile, and MovementControl to Joystick press play, enjoy your repositionable joystick

Setting up an enemy so that it respawns after the Player character dies

  • in a new project in Unity 2019.4.26f1, import Corgi Engine v7.1.
  • open the MinimalLevel demo scene
  • drag a Bear3D prefab into the scene, position it at -11,-4,0
  • drag a Urchin prefab into the scene, position it at 5,-2,0
  • select the Bear3D, add a AutoRespawn component to it
  • press play, jump on the bear to kill it, then move right and jump on the urchin to die
  • after the respawn delay, the player respawns, and so does the bear

Adding a level to RetroAdventure

  • create a new project in Unity 2019.4.22f1
  • import Corgi Engine v6.7
  • duplicate RetroAdventure3, name it RetroAdventure6
  • add that newly created scene to the build settings
  • open RetroAdventureLevelSelection, under the Content node, duplicate the RetroAdventureLevel5 node, change its ItemTitle’s text to “Level6”, on its RetroAdventureLevel comp, change scene name to “RetroAdventure6”
  • on the RetroAdventureProgressManager (in that scene and on the prefab), add a 6th scene, set its name to “RetroAdventure6”
  • press play, go through the levels
  • at the end of lvl 5 you get redirected to the level selection (that’s normal, we didn’t change the exit scene in that level)
  • play level 6, collect some stars in it, return to level selection, enjoy your newly collected stars