Corgi Engine  v9.0
MoreMountains.Tools.MMSoundManagerSoundPlayEvent Struct Reference

This event will let you play a sound on the MMSoundManager More...

Public Member Functions

delegate AudioSource Delegate (AudioClip clip, MMSoundManagerPlayOptions options)

Static Public Member Functions

static void Register (Delegate callback)
static void Unregister (Delegate callback)
static AudioSource Trigger (AudioClip clip, MMSoundManagerPlayOptions options)
static AudioSource Trigger (AudioClip audioClip, MMSoundManager.MMSoundManagerTracks mmSoundManagerTrack, Vector3 location, bool loop=false, float volume=1.0f, int ID=0, bool fade=false, float fadeInitialVolume=0f, float fadeDuration=1f, MMTweenType fadeTween=null, bool persistent=false, AudioSource recycleAudioSource=null, AudioMixerGroup audioGroup=null, float pitch=1f, float panStereo=0f, float spatialBlend=0.0f, bool soloSingleTrack=false, bool soloAllTracks=false, bool autoUnSoloOnEnd=false, bool bypassEffects=false, bool bypassListenerEffects=false, bool bypassReverbZones=false, int priority=128, float reverbZoneMix=1f, float dopplerLevel=1f, int spread=0, AudioRolloffMode rolloffMode=AudioRolloffMode.Logarithmic, float minDistance=1f, float maxDistance=500f)

Detailed Description

This event will let you play a sound on the MMSoundManager

Example : MMSoundManagerSoundPlayEvent.Trigger(ExplosionSfx, MMSoundManager.MMSoundManagerTracks.Sfx, this.transform.position); will play a clip (here ours is called ExplosionSfx) on the SFX track, at the position of the object calling it

Member Function Documentation

◆ Delegate()

delegate AudioSource MoreMountains.Tools.MMSoundManagerSoundPlayEvent.Delegate ( AudioClip  clip,
MMSoundManagerPlayOptions  options 

◆ Register()

static void MoreMountains.Tools.MMSoundManagerSoundPlayEvent.Register ( Delegate  callback)

◆ Trigger() [1/2]

static AudioSource MoreMountains.Tools.MMSoundManagerSoundPlayEvent.Trigger ( AudioClip  audioClip,
MMSoundManager.MMSoundManagerTracks  mmSoundManagerTrack,
Vector3  location,
bool  loop = false,
float  volume = 1.0f,
int  ID = 0,
bool  fade = false,
float  fadeInitialVolume = 0f,
float  fadeDuration = 1f,
MMTweenType  fadeTween = null,
bool  persistent = false,
AudioSource  recycleAudioSource = null,
AudioMixerGroup  audioGroup = null,
float  pitch = 1f,
float  panStereo = 0f,
float  spatialBlend = 0.0f,
bool  soloSingleTrack = false,
bool  soloAllTracks = false,
bool  autoUnSoloOnEnd = false,
bool  bypassEffects = false,
bool  bypassListenerEffects = false,
bool  bypassReverbZones = false,
int  priority = 128,
float  reverbZoneMix = 1f,
float  dopplerLevel = 1f,
int  spread = 0,
AudioRolloffMode  rolloffMode = AudioRolloffMode.Logarithmic,
float  minDistance = 1f,
float  maxDistance = 500f 

◆ Trigger() [2/2]

static AudioSource MoreMountains.Tools.MMSoundManagerSoundPlayEvent.Trigger ( AudioClip  clip,
MMSoundManagerPlayOptions  options 

◆ Unregister()

static void MoreMountains.Tools.MMSoundManagerSoundPlayEvent.Unregister ( Delegate  callback)

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