Corgi Engine  v8.8
MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner Class Reference

Spawns pathed projectiles More...

Inheritance diagram for MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner:

Public Member Functions

virtual void OnDrawGizmos ()
 Debug mode More...

Public Attributes

Transform Destination
 the pathed projectile's destination More...
PathedProjectile Projectile
 the projectiles to spawn More...
GameObject SpawnEffect
 the effect to instantiate at each spawn More...
float Speed
 the speed of the projectiles More...
float FireRate
 the frequency of the spawns More...

Protected Member Functions

virtual void Start ()
 Initialization More...
virtual void Update ()
 Every frame, we check if we need to instantiate a new projectile More...

Protected Attributes

float _nextShotInSeconds

Detailed Description

Spawns pathed projectiles

Member Function Documentation

◆ OnDrawGizmos()

virtual void MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner.OnDrawGizmos ( )

Debug mode

◆ Start()

virtual void MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner.Start ( )


◆ Update()

virtual void MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner.Update ( )

Every frame, we check if we need to instantiate a new projectile

Member Data Documentation

◆ _nextShotInSeconds

float MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner._nextShotInSeconds

◆ Destination

Transform MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner.Destination

the pathed projectile's destination

◆ FireRate

float MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner.FireRate

the frequency of the spawns

◆ Projectile

PathedProjectile MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner.Projectile

the projectiles to spawn

◆ SpawnEffect

GameObject MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner.SpawnEffect

the effect to instantiate at each spawn

◆ Speed

float MoreMountains.CorgiEngine.PathedProjectileSpawner.Speed

the speed of the projectiles

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